About Us

Operation Girl's Identity is a company that is dedicated for the well being and empowerment of young women. Our goal is to help raise strong girls who know who they are in Christ - strong in character and spirit. Our vision is for girls to live life boldly and confidently in the authority God has given them, living in unity and serving others.

Operation Girl's Identity began as a mentorship program to help young ladies start their own businesses. As Nicole C. Odom, our Founder and CEO, began to pray she received a vision much bigger than what she could ever imagine.

God has given Nicole a dream, a vision, much bigger than having another online course. He gave Nicole a vision to make a major impact in the lives of young girls. Young girls who don't have mothers, who need a mother figure, who lack identity, who need accountability, who need more help than what a simple business course could offer. These girls need deep rooted help.

Nicole understood what it was like growing up not having many to speak to about some of the deeper things in life, especially in her walk with Christ. Not many people could answer some questions she had nor could they help her go deeper in her walk with Christ. And what was lacking that impacted her greatly was that she lacked her identity.

God brought Nicole under the teachings of a strong, bold, and confident woman of God. He used her to bring Nicole to the point she is at now. Confident, bold, and walking in her identity and authority as a woman of God.

We understand that these girls are experiencing the same thing. With Operation Girl's Identity, girls will receive the same revelation and more. Nicole took what she has learned over the years and placed them throughout this company and her books.

Girls will come into Operation Girl's Identity broken, hurting, and lacking identity. But when they leave they will be stronger, bolder, warriors, embracing their identity and authority as a daughter of the Most High.